Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Phi Mu Family Tree (2002 up to present)

3rd Generation Organizer: Brod. Jeremy Jordan 

Batch 1 (PIONEER BATCH 2002)

  • Hanah Serafin, RN
  • Kareen Las Pinas, BSMT
  • RapRap

Batch 2 (March 16, 2002)
  • Jaeson Estoque, RN

Batch 3 (2002)
  • Ava Lavadia, RN
  • Maybelle Cadalin, RN
  • Cheryl Moriones, RN
  • Sherry Amahit, RN
  • Danah, RN

Batch 4 (October 11, 2003)
  • Bertch Ian Ranis, RN
  • Grace Virtucio, RN

Batch 5 (December 22, 2003)
  • Melissa Grace Legaspi, LLB3
  • Engr. Ryan Philip Lim

Batch 6 (May 22, 2004)
  • Nino Janolino, RN, MAN
  • Karl Dale Elivera, BSMT

Batch 7 (September 25, 2004)
  • Maria Josephine Po, RN
  • Melissa Conag, RN

Batch 8 (November 19, 2004)
  • Ann Camille Barbon, BSN

Batch 9 (2005)
  • Jessa Mae Pescuela, RN

Batch 10 (October 12, 2005)
  • Aljana Alicia Rose Marie V. Limuaco, BSN

Batch 11 (February 26, 2006)
  • Germaine Villahermosa, RN
  • Prince Batausa, RMT

Batch 12 (December 13, 2006)
  • Ariane Ladaga, BSN
  • April Joy Iting
  • Jonah Denopol

Batch 13 (August 21, 2006)
  • Kyna Flores, BSBA
  • Ann Daminique Marcera, BSN
  • Kenneth Restor, BSN
  • Clint Pablico, RN
  • Marvi Roa, RN

Batch 14 (February 11, 2007)
  • Shiela Mae Anino, BSN
  • Eightcel Ferrer, BSN
  • Somaira Zerna, BSN

Batch 15 (May 6, 2007)
  • Joanah Laurene Hingpit, BSN

Batch 16 (August 5, 2007)
  • Joycee Oropesa, RN
  • Yasmin Junaid, BSA

Batch 17 (March 2, 2008)
  • Fay Anne Burlasa, BSBA
  • Patrick Vera Cruz, BSMT

Batch 18 (August 30, 2008)
  • Kenna Mariz Sarabia, BSN

Batch 19 (2009)
  • Sugar Bolinis, BSA
  • Azaleah Gahum, BSA

    Thursday, August 2, 2007

    2007 provincial Art Attack Competition

    The UPSILON PHI SIGMA in collaboration with the Silliman University Medical Technology Society, S.U Kadugong Bolanon organization, the College of Nursing Association and the Dumaguete Youth Leaders Society organized the 2007 provincial Inter High School Art Attack Competition last JULY 28, 2007.It is one of the stressful activities to be organized by the organization, not to mention our busy academic schedule.

    Sunday, July 1, 2007

    The Leadership Training

    HAHA look at us!

    This was the time wherein we were almost complete.. hehe, I think the i.p.r was successful, Kamu?
    We hope that this would continue next year and the agreed mission and vision be really done.

    Saturday, July 22, 2006

    ART ATTACK 2006


    At the end of the Activity, the students shall be able to strengthen their knowledge, develop skills and positive attitudes in valuing the importance of Nutrition in creating a healthy environment.


    1. To be able to express the importance of proper nutrition through art.

    2. To be able to enhance the skills of the students in the field of art.

    3. To be able to develop sportsmanship and camaraderie among students as well as to appreciate the works of the other participating schools

    We believe in the power and capabilities of our Youth. It is in this context then that our organized programs were carefully planned and made sure to be inclined to our binding principles laid down by our founders.

    Through this major program of the Fraternity in collaboration with the Dumaguete Youth Leaders Society, Silliman University College of Nursing and the Silliman University Kadugong Bol-anon entitled “Inter-High School Art Attack aims to expose the Filipino Youth’s talent in the field of Art. It is being eyed to be a unique of expressing ones self and speak out of their thoughts.

    This program is a varied art contests being rolled into one. This includes Body Painting Contest, Poster Making Contest, College making contest and Chalk drawing contest. Each contest is worth 25% of the total grading system.

    This program is for the exposition of Filipino Youth talents and not just merely a competition. It aims to enhance students talents and to express the importance of proper nutrition through the varied art outputs.

    PHI MU ALPHA - Fraternity/Sorority Officers S.Y. 2008-2009

    • Lady Archon - Sis. Ariane Ladaga
    • Deputy Grand Archon - Brod. Kenneth Restor
    • Lady Chancellor - Sis. Mae Anne Camille Barbon
    • Grand Chamberlaine - Sis Yasmeen Junaid
    • Lady Auditor - Sis. Fay Ann Burlasa
    • Lady Marshall - Sis. Germaine Villahermosa
    • Grand Transactor - Brod. Clint Publico
    • Lady Deputy Initiator - Sis Joanah Laurene Hingpit
    • Minister of Plebes - Brod. Marvi Roa
    • Master Initiator - Brod. Karl Elivera


    We, the Upsilonians, imploring the aid of the Divine Providence in order to foster closer and lasting relationship among ourselves, to promote constructive and effective leadership and to uphold opportunity to serve the country, to secure ourselves the blessings of universal brotherhood/sisterhood and to dedicate ourselves to the ideas of Filipino manhood, through cultural, social and economic activities, do ordain and promulgate this constitution.

    How did we make it?

    How did we make it?
    We were established in the 1980's with 3 upsilonians coming from 3 universities - according to one of the pioneering Grand Archon Brod. Richard Limuaco. Then there were 3 waves of existence 1st generation - was the time wherein they initially registered to be a fraternity/sorority organization in Silliman University. Which was lost during the martial-law era, due to the prohibition of GREEK organizations in the Country. 2nd Generation - was the time wherein the batch of Brod. Joel Pasok -now in Bohol, existed... but they eventually went exit because of the strength of the number, but these were mostly graduating, and after graduation UPS in Silliman was temporarily -on dead tango! 3rd generation - was the coming of a great organizer from Central Philippine University, in the name of Brod. Jeremy Jordan, he together with some alumni initiated the 7 Balls, which turned out to be the pioneering batch consisting of a few sillimanians - Sis. Hanah, Brod. ___ and Sis. Kareen... And then the story just goes on and on.. Kamu nay ADD!!!